Replicant is back raiding mythic


Replicant is a Semi-Hardcore Mythic raiding guild. Our former server was Bloodfeather(A) and we transferred right before 5.2 to The Maelstrom (A). Our ambition is to step up the raiding in Mythic 20 man in BFA for solid progression, while having fun!

We raid currently two days a week for which full attendance is a big plus. We currently have 3 mythic bosses downed (we rebooted the guild a couple of weeks ago) and will continue mythic this expansion. You are required to max out your character and prepare for the fights in order for our raid evenings to be efficient with a tight schedule.

Uldir Progression

3/8 Mythic uldir


We are always looking for skilled players of any spec so feel free to make an application. Right nowe we are in need of the following classes:

  • Mage
  • Demon Hunter
  • Restoration Shaman